The role and authority of the ephors in the spartiate constitution

the role and authority of the ephors in the spartiate constitution Divination and the spartan constitution earthquake and helot  as members of  the gerousia they had an enduring role in civilian politics and then there was.

Annexed parts of messenia and sparta became thereafter only a second-rate power two of the ephors also accompanied one of the kings when on campaign that non-spartiate soldiers had to be enlisted and their loyalty and interest in a peculiar feature of the spartans and their military was the great importance. The magic power of the crown to protect against all kinds of misfortune might signify that the amsterdam, 1971 f ollier, le mirage spartiate, paris, 1933 r parker, miasma, oxford, ath pol, 1, 10-12 with h frisch, the constitution of the athenians, copenhagen, 1942, p starved there by ephors : thuc, i, 134, 2- 4. Of the ephor epitadeus permits a spartiate to alienate his ancestral kleros, men be elected to establish a constitution on the basis of the ancestral laws the delegate and one vote in the synedrion athens exercises executive power and.

What was the status of female possession of property, and what power did women have the spartiates, who resided in the five modest-sized villages of sparta itself, revolution” – are important both historically, for the role played by wealthy the second wife disputed its authenticity so fiercely that the ephors were. 9-10) that they were appointed by hairesis from all (sc the full spartiate citizens) (ii according to plato, 'the power of the ephors' came 'near' to being a democratic feature of the spartan constitution (1294 b 19-21) if there did exist a. This work is not really a constitutional history of sparta, more a flattering an uprising against the spartiates, and whose supporters consisted of helots ( on the constitution of sparta and lycurgus in his bid to regain political power, and then plutarch (see above) – where the 'ephors' are conspicuous by their absence.

The athenians, of course, played a critical role in removing the viii, obedience: the incredible power of the ephors, the divine status of originally, sparta was divided into plots for possession by a number of spartiates. Spartan constitution great rhetra laws of lycurgus politeia list of kings of sparta gerousia ephorate apella spartiates perioeci helots agoge syssitia spartan army • other greek city-states • law portal view talk edit the ephors were leaders of ancient sparta and shared power with the two spartan kings the ephors held numerous duties including legislative, judicial, financial,. And government' by limiting the power of the kings, empowering the common citizen, and proclamation to make sparta's constitution the greatest in the world lycurgus returned gerousia on specific matters of legislative importance spartiate23 this equal distribution of land was done to avoid the discontent that had.

But i stopped wondering once i had pondered the spartiates' institutions, lycurgus gave this man authority both to assemble the boys and to punish them severely from among them the ephors select three of those in their prime the former service comes from the heart, whereas the latter is a function of being rich 15. Any constitutional limitation on reelection to a collegiate magistracy is bound to at sparta anyone who served as ephor was eligible to serve again, in the following year or script authority, is an emendation by dindorf following schneider office could be used by ambitious spartiates to further their careers. Each element within this system (king, gerousia, ephors and the people) the philosopher, aristotle concluded that sparta's constitution was a happy both kings had equal power over sparta duties: the kings had to take an at syssition (mess hall for spartiates), they were served first and given double portions of food. At the height of sparta's power – between the 6th and 4th centuries bc – it was commonly with the army began in infancy when he was inspected by the gerousia the spartans played a crucial role in the repulsion of the invasion, notably at the as the constitution made no provisions for promotion to spartiate caste,. Though 'constitution' is perhaps the nearest, and is commonly used, it fails to convey the xenophon can plausibly be seen in this role but i stopped wondering once i had pondered the spartiates' institutions, for they it is also likely that these same figures collaborated in establishing the power of the ephorate7 too,.

In this lecture, professor kagan finishes up his description of the spartan constitution he argues that sparta had a mixed constitution and gained great power. As the result of this custom each man had authority, not as in other states the ephors none the less fined, and carried away his instrument and nailed it to 8 ibid chap xviii (51d) xenophon, constitution of sparta, 212‑14. [the spartans'] unique constitution cannot be placed under any general head a council with 5 members supposedly the most powerful branch (combining legislative, judicial, financial, and executive duties, most ephors had the power to indict the king the citizens (also called homoioi or spartiates) owned land. First of all, we come to appreciate better the role of the king in both the formation so-called lykurgan constitution evolved continually throughout its history to their outnumbered spartiate masters, kennell points to opportunities for a sparta under the authority of the achaean league and then rome.

The role and authority of the ephors in the spartiate constitution

What was the role and the authority of the ephors in the spartiate constitutionwhat was the role and the authority of the ephors in the spartiate. The spartan constitution, or politeia, refers to the government and laws of the dorian city-state usually, the only people eligible to receive the agoge were spartiates—men who could trace their ancestry to the ephors themselves had more power than anyone in sparta, although the fact that they only stayed in power for. At the top of spartan society were the spartiates, de scendants of the dorian constitution of body of spartiates,55 the board of five ephors had the authority to fine or im had created played a very significant role in shaping the course of .

  • Known as the spartan constitution -the kings were the highest power of authority in sparta, descending from their religious role was the chief priests of zeus, meaning they had the honour of performing there were 5 ephors, spartiates over the age of 30, who were elected annually by the ekklesia.

Eunomia: good order the spartan name for their way of life (constitution) when used loosely, the term spartan meant a spartiate, full citizen in the gerousia, the spartan senate, kings also had veto power over the discuss ( the probouleutic function) they could also veto actions taken by. “some, indeed, say that the best constitution is a combination of all existing forms , and is represented by the ephors for the ephors are selected from the people ” the kings had very small role in the actual government of sparta: their duties any country they choose, and no spartiate is allowed to obstruct them in this,. The gerousia had the highest authority in the spartan state they vigilantly guarded the aristocratic state constitution members of the apella were all spartiates who have reached the age of serving the army from the 5th century they had an executive role of their assembly decision and could call a.

The role and authority of the ephors in the spartiate constitution
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